Thumbi Island and Otter Point:

The cichlids of Lake Malawi are the main reason Lake Malawi National Park was created. This area is a Unesco Natural World Heritage site. Together with outstanding natural landscapes, this is what makes Cape Maclear so special. Boat trips are organized through the Cape Maclear Tour Guide Association. You can enjoy snorkeling, feeding the fishing eagles, and a beach barbeque on this boat trip.

Sunset Cruise:
Take a boat out for a late afternoon cruise around the bay and see one of our amazing sunsets from the best vantage points on the water.

If you want to be a bit more adventurous, hire a kayak and paddle out to Thumbi Island or Otter Point and get a true feeling for the natural area. Peace and quiet are yours for the taking.

Trail Walks:
The Kungoni Hills have a great view of Cape Maclear from the mountains. You'll also see as many species of birds, impala, and reptiles. You can also venture into the national park and view the remnants of the original Livingstonia mission and the missionary graves.

Go out onto the lake with local fishermen and try your hand at catching Chambo or Tiger Fish for lunch.

Hippo Viewing and Traditional Dance:

This is a longer trip of 6 hours, organized through our local tour guides. Spend the morning watching wild hippos in their natural environment and have a delicious lunch, followed by trips to Kasankha Village and Msaka for the Gule Wamkulu dances.

Scuba Diving:

Cape Maclear has several scuba shops offering in depth courses or lessons for both beginners and advanced divers.

Village Tour
Spend a few hours of your day on a guided walk through Chembe village to learn how our community lives and works.