Sustainable tourism in Cape Maclear 

Cape Maclear cooking experience 

A delightful hands-on cooking lesson and dinner. Be initiated into the Cape Maclear cuisine. Learn how to prepare Nsima, masamba, nkhuku and usipa all while helping a local family and learning the culture. 

Drumming lessons with Jayson 

In 2016 UNESCO held a Sustainable Tourism in a World Heritage Site workshop in Cape Maclear. Mgoza lodge having been given this oppurtunity to work with other departments such as Malawi National Parks and Wildlife, Malawi Ministry of Tourism and the Malawi Ministry of Culture jumped at the chance to try and create something special in Cape Maclear. 

We have helped introduce, paper making lessons, Jewelery making lessons, Drumming and the Cape Maclear Cooking Experience. The fee is paid directly to the people you visit.

We have also started a rubbish collection from all the lodges (three times a week). The rubbish is recycled by making paper, jewlery, plastic bag pot holders/placematts, glasses and glass jars. The rubbish collection will eventually go through the village and incorporates the construction of 120 dustbins. 

For more information please go to  or          sustainable_cape_maclear

Paper jewlery making .

Paper making with paper for the people 

trip with Cape Maclear tourguide Association .