Things to do in cape maclear

Boat trip to Thumbi Island and Otters Point

Enjoy snorkelling, feeding the fish eagles and a beach barbeque.

The chichlids of Lake Malawi are the main reason Lake Malawi National Park was created and the reason for Unesco declaring Cape Maclear a Natural World Heritage site. Together with the outstanding natural beauty this is what makes Cape Maclear so special. Boat trips are organised through the Cape Maclear Tour Guide Association.

Sunset cruise
Take a boat out for a late afternoon cruise around the bay and get to see one of our amazing sunsets from the best vantage point. (Sunsets are so good they put it on the Malawi gin bottle.)

If you feel like being a bit more adventurous hire a kayak and paddle out to Thumbi Island or Otters Point and be alone on the lake and get a true feeling of the natural area. 

Trail Walks
Trail walk to Otters Point, Kungoni hills get a great view of Cape Maclear from mountain as well seeing many of the bird species and some of the smaller game in the area. Take a walk to the national park and see the remnants of the original Livingstonia mission and the missionary graves.

Go out onto the lake with some local fishermen and try your hand at catching a chambo for lunch or the Lake Malawi Tiger fish.

Hippo Viewing and local Dancing at Kasankha

Do some hippo viewing and stop in at Kasankha village to see the "gule wamkulu" and to Msaka to see some more local dances. This is a longer trip of around 6 hours. It can be organised through the tour guides.

Scuba diving 

Get in contact with one of Cape Maclears dive shops to do a few dives, a course or a discover scuba lesson.

Village tour
Take a few hours out of your day to take guided walk through the village and learn how the community lives and works. Village tours can be organised through Sinthana or the tour guides.